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What's new?

New Infant Massage Classes. Kelsey has recently pursued additional training in infant massage in order to become a certified infant massage instructor. Classes will be starting soon. If you want to be notified when the next class will take place, send an email to​​.

Introductory Special-Experience your first massage with Kara Larios at 25% off.
If you haven't yet received a massage from Kara, now is your chance. Kara is trained in a variety of styles, and is available for massages on Sundays and Mondays, as well as on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. See Special Offers page for details. (This special is not available for massages with Kelsey, or for gift certificates.)

Maternity leave for Kelsey this Fall. Most of you know that I (Kelsey) am expecting my first baby. Below is the tentative plan for the coming months (subject to change, of course!).

Baby is due to arrive around Halloween, and I plan to work as usual through October 8th if possible. At that point, Kara will take over more hours. Any package deals and gift certificates can be used with Kara, just like with me. I'll be taking about three months off for maternity leave after the baby is born, and will be available for massage again starting sometime in January of February. My hours will likely be different when I return to work, depending on childcare availability, etc. After my return, Kara will continue to offer massages at Sora Therapies.
​​​​​​​​​~Sora Therapies was recently featured on KMTR news for a story about pregnancy massage! Check out the video below, or visit the KMTR website here