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*Now offering outcalls in the Eugene/Springfield area. Physical Office closed as of May 26, 2017*

​​Dear Clients, 

I closed my physical office at the end of May, 2017. By request, I am n​​ow offering a limited number of outcall massages. In order for this to make sense for my current life situation, I have had to significantly raise my rates. I am currently asking $150 per hour massage, or $200 per 90 minute massage within a 30-minute commute of my home. The main reason for this rate increase is that I must spend roughly 3-4 hours in order to perform a single one hour or 90-minute massage. The commute, transitioning my child in and out of childcare, setup and take down of my equipment... it all adds up. 

If you are interested in booking a house call massage, please send an email or text with your preferred days/times. With the exception of Friday mornings, I am available most days of the week between 9:30am and 7:30pm with advance notice. Due to safety concerns inherent to outcall massage work, I am currently only seeing existing clients, clients who have been referred to me by someone I know, or clients who are willing to provide me with a character reference. 

Clients with gift certificates for in-office may apply these and pay the difference, or the certificates and packages can be redeemed with Lynnea and Andy at Thrive Family Massage.

What is included?

A full 60 or 90 minute massage (your session is not cut short for setup/takedown/discussion time).

Essential oils of your choice, please choose from the list below and let me know your choices. I can blend several oils for you, and these can be incorporated into the massage oil or diffused into the room.

Pure, cold pressed, organic jojoba oil as your massage oil.

A high quality, extra wide, padded massage table with Boiance face cradle.

A full-length table warmer, if desired.

Herbal or plain eye pillow, if desired.

Choice of music.

For pregnancy massages, I provide a choice between side-lying position, or the option to be face-down on a BodyCushionTM, and the massage table has the option of a back-lift for sturdy semi-reclining positioning.

If you prefer an in-office massage, I highly recommend Lynnea and Andy at Thrive Family Massage, or Kara and ​​Danny at Silver Lotus Massage. 


~Sweet orange
~Clary Sage
~Pine Needle
~Ylang Ylang
~Geranium ​
Available Essential Oils (Feel free to request any combination)