Sora Therapies LLC
Massage, Bodywork, and Lymphedema Therapy in Eugene, Oregon
 5 East 24th Avenue
 Eugene, Oregon 97405​​​

Sora Therapies - Massage & Integrative Fitness
Sora Therapies is a small mother-owned ​​massage office in Eugene, Oregon. Our therapists specialize in a wide range of modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, polarity therapy, reflexology, prenatal, postpartum, and infant massage, and more. We currently have four wonderful therapists who are available for massages most days of the week, and we offer daytime, evening, and weekend appointments to suit your needs. Convenient online scheduling is available, and you can also purchase gift certificates online. Of course, feel free to call or email for an appointment if you prefer. We look forward to working with you!

Notice: rate increase will take effect November 1, 2016. Please see our massage page for updated rates.​​

Infant Massage Classes. Kelsey has recently pursued additional training in infant massage in order to become a certified infant massage instructor. Classes will be starting soon. If you want to be notified when the next class will take place, send an email to​​.