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Client Forms
Below you will find several forms. These are also available at the office.

First-time Client Health History form
At your first appointment, you may either show up a few minutes early in order to fill out the "First-time Client Health History form", or you can print it at home and fill it out before you arrive.
If you are wanting to bill insurance, please contact me before your appointment. I will get your insurance information over the phone and call before your appointment to verify your benefits.

Client Feedback form
The Client Feedback form below is optional. You may fill it out if you wish to give me helpful feedback about your session. You may also use the online feedback form at the bottom of this page. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply leave the name, email, and phone fields blank. Alternatively, if you would like a response from me, include that information. Of course, always feel free to give me your feedback in person as well.

Physician's Permission form
Physician's Referral form
Women with high risk pregnancies will need a physician's permission form before receiving massage. Certain other conditions may require a physician's permission. If you have a serious medical condition, check with Kelsey before your session to find out if you will need a form signed.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Who was your therapist?
What type of session did you receive (General massage, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, etc.)?
What did you enjoy about your session?
What would you have liked done differently?
Any other comments?
Online Client Feedback Survey:
​(Don't include your name or contact information if you wish to remain anonymous.)

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