Sora Therapies LLC
Massage, Bodywork, and Integrative Fitness in Eugene, Oregon
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​Business Owner: Kelsey Sora Khatter, LMT #19339


541.505.1193 (Kelsey)         541.541.905.7160​ (Kara)

Office Address: 5 East 24th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97405




There is a small parking lot accessible from 24th avenue. There is normally plenty of space in the parking lot, but if for some reason it is full, there is generally plenty of street parking within a block or two on 24th Avenue. There is also bike parking in front of the parking lot.

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Please feel free to use the contact form below. You can also request appointments via the contact form.​ I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours.

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5 East 24th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405​​​