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Personal Training at Sora Therapies​

Personal training for pain relief and improved posture
Personal training is not just about losing weight and building muscle (although those can be important too). As a massage therapist as well as an ACE-certified personal trainer I have a wide range of tools to help you find and address the root of your aches, pains, and postural deviations.

​​For some people, especially those with recurring body pain or posture issues, it may take more than a massage to create lasting change. Often, strength and flexibility imbalances or deficiencies can be the root cause of pain and posture problems. Fixing these usually requires participation from the client in the form of stretches and exercises performed on a regular basis. For example, did you know that for many people with chronic low back pain, the root cause is often a lack of deep core strength? Likewise, a hunched-over posture can be the result of an imbalance of strength and flexibility between the front and back sides of the upper torso.   

​​At your personal training session, we may conduct a variety of assessments which help identify any strength and flexibility imbalances and/or deficiencies. Often, in correcting these imbalances and deficiencies with exercises, stretches, and massage, pain and postural deviations will begin to resolve. Personal training sessions for pain relief and improved posture take place in my office at 5 East 24th Avenue.

Personal training for health and fitness
For those interested in more traditional personal training with goals such as improved cardiovascular fitness, basic strength training, or weight loss, I am not currently equipped for full training sessions in my office. However, I am happy to meet with you to create an individualized fitness plan. I may also be able to work out with you in your home, outdoors, or in your gym (depending on your gym's rules). Please call or email to discuss options.
Where to start?

​I suggest that anyone interested in personal training sessions with me call or email to set up a free 15-minute consultation. This can be done in person at my office or over the phone. We can talk about your goals and determine whether on not it feels like a good fit.

Personal Training Rates:

Initial consultation: Free (15-minutes in-person or by phone)
30-minute session: $20*
60-minute session: $40*

​*Extra fees​ may apply for training sessions taking place outside of my office.