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​​These reviews from satisfied clients have been printed here by permission. If you would like to add, update, or remove a testimonial, contact Kelsey.

11/12 Gwen W.
I saw Kelsey for massage when she was working at my Oakland chiropractor's office. After my first massage with her, I took to scheduling my chiropractic appointments around her work schedule. Kelsey has an intuitive touch, and is both gentle and capable of doing deep tissue and sport massage. On top of her wonderful massages, Kelsey is unassuming, kind, and easy to talk to. I miss her as a person and I miss her massages. Oakland's loss is Eugene's gain!​​

​8/11 This Bay Area client prefers to remain anonymous
Along with chronic neck and back pain, I suffer from PTSD stemming from physical and sexual violence, and I'm really, really sensitive to how I'm touched and by whom. It's been very difficult to find a massage therapist who is highly skilled, patient, effective, understanding, loving, non-judgmental, and deeply committed to helping me open and release, especially in my body.
​Kelsey is by far the most incredible massage therapist I've come across - I feel totally loved and safe during my sessions, and she always opens up more than just my muscles, but really deep spaces inside of myself. I've come to view our sessions as more than just a form of physical rejuvenation but a profound healing unto themselves.

​She can seem shy and modest, but don't underestimate how incredibly talented or capable this young woman is. Many of my PTSD symptoms have greatly reduced and the back and neck pain releases more and more each session. My posture is much better, my body is stronger, and I feel so much lighter and connected to myself as a result of my sessions with her. She's even given me homemade bath salts after particularly intense work - so generous!

If you're looking for a massage therapist who is safe, kind, loving, and really skilled, definitely consider doing a session with Kelsey!

3/11 Sarah S., a new mother in San Francisco, California
Kelsey is wonderful!!! She has become an absolute angel during my pregnancy. Even though we live in San Francisco, she is totally worth traveling across the bridge for my near-weekly prenatal massages. It's easy to get to from the freeway, and parking is super easy (except on Thursdays from 12:30-3:30 for street cleaning). She is so affordable that it really enables almost anyone to incorporate massage into their lives on a regular basis instead of sporadically. However! Don't let her rates fool you. This is a woman who is dedicated to the practice and lives accordingly; she is affordable because she believes that money shouldn't be the issue keeping people from taking care of themselves!
She is strong and soft in all the right places and at all the right times. She really takes her time going deeper and staying longer in the areas that need more attention, and her intuition as to where these places are is spot on! Additionally, I never feel rushed or hurried to leave as I have with other therapists that practice out of their home.
After such a short time together she has completely gotten in tune with my body. This past week I left her place feeling like I was glowing and vibrating and could peacefully and gracefully accept any experience that came up, from the stresses of daily city living to the intensity of birth. She has such a beautiful energy, too. I always feel listened to when we check in before the massage, and she does just the right abount of checking in during, without any unnecessary chatting. I truly look forward to our time together and really want to encourage you to take advantage of her amazing hands and energy before she starts getting booked up months in advance!

​1/11 Joe S., a 62 year old male university professor from Eugene, Oregon
I have left-side paralysis from a stroke, which results in substantial stiffness and pain in my left shoulder and scapula. After only two massage sessions with Kelsey, my shoulder and scapula were much less painful and much more flexible than before-- better than the results I have had over the past two years working with several other massage or occupational therapists.

​1/11 Jo G., a 60 year old female university professor from Eugene, Oregon
I recently brought my elderly father, who suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease, home to live with me. Since my father is almost completely immobile, his care is physically demanding -- much more than my 60-year-old body is accustomed to handling. So, sure enough, shortly before Christmas I injured my back trying to move my father in his bed. After several days of pain and lost sleep, I asked Kelsey for a massage. The improvement in my back was impressive. It wasn't just that I felt better after the massage. I also slept better that night because the pain that I experienced when I shifted position in bed was considerably less. And the next morning I felt even better than the evening before -- the improvement wasn't just temporary. Several days later Kelsey gave me a second massage, and shortly after that I was able to resume caring for my father, much sooner than my doctor had predicted.

​I​ believe that the massages I received from Kelsey substantially reduced the amount of time it took my back to heal. I have had a fair number of massages over the course of my life, most of them pleasurable, but not all of them particularly "therapeutic". Kelsey has the natural instincts and abilities of a "healer", and I particularly recommend her to those looking for therapy as well as a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

1/11 Sarah-Kate S., a 31 year old female non-profit worker from Eugene, Oregon
Kelsey has a natural gift for massage. After dealing with a back injury over the past several months, I felt incredibly relaxed, rejuvenated and on the path to healing after my session with her. I appreciated Kelsey's open communication before the session began - she was both warm and professional as she asked me questions and let me know what I should expect. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


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